Tea – Drink to your Good Health

Tea Time by Alive

“Wars have been waged over it; ceremonies are devoted to preparing it; and two-thirds of the world’s population consume it. Originating in China more than 5,000 years ago, tea has stood the test of time as one of the most popular and healthy beverages available.” Read more about the amazing benefits of black, green and white teas by Stephanie Raymond in the January issue of Alive Magazine.

DIY Skin Care

diy skin care

Veronica, terra20’s skincare specialist has been making her own homemade skincare products for years. Now she helps terra20 guests with their skincare. Veronica shares her insights for making your own skincare solutions at home using basic ingredients in this blog post by Pamela Tourigny on the terra20 blog today. Read about nourishing your skin the do-it-yourself way at terra20.

Switching to Eco-friendly Cleaning Products For Your Kids

terra20 contest

Loukia at Terra20 posted an insightful article about household cleaning products and why she switched over to them. And it’s not why you might think. It is definitely food for thought if you have young children in the house. Read the whole story by Loukia at Terra20.

Clean Hands, Healthier World

Seventh Generation posted an informative little post a few days ago bringing attention to the importance of handwashing, especially at this time of year. Read more….

Is Your Couch Toxic?

Toxic Couch?

Sarah Janssen, a senior scientist at NRDC Health Program, wondered what chemicals may be lurking in the common couch, so she participated in a US study recently published that analyzed flame retardants being used in upholstered furniture. She cut and submitted a small sample of her couch fabric to the folks doing the study.

Although Sarah hoped for the best the news isn’t good. Read more