Is Your Couch Toxic?

Toxic Couch Is Your Couch Toxic?

Sarah Janssen, a senior scientist at NRDC Health Program, wondered what chemicals may be lurking in the common couch, so she participated in a US study recently published that analyzed flame retardants being used in upholstered furniture. She cut and submitted a small sample of her couch fabric to the folks doing the study.

Although Sarah hoped for the best the news isn’t good.

Most of the couches in the study contain nasty flame retardant chemicals that when combined with household dust can be inhaled or ingested. The study is US-based and points a finger specifically at couches made in California, but is worth taking a look at if you have any US-made furniture. Read Sarah’s article in the Huffington Post for details about this study and what you can do if you have a couch with any of these nasty chemicals.


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